A Brief History of
T.S. Simms & Co., Limited
Thomas Stockwell Simms
The Simms Company had its beginnings in 1866 when Thomas Stockwell Simms, an American civil war veteran, invested his soldiers back pay and bonus in a small brush and broom operation in Portland, Maine.  This fledgling enterprise was enticed to move in 1872 to Saint John, New Brunswick which at the time was a bustling port city, world famous for shipbuilding.
Thomas Simms was a remarkable man who persisted in the face of many trials and tribulations ranging from the loss of two wives to a disastrous fire of the factory.  Despite all of this, he never faltered and the business forged ahead.
He travelled the world and was one of the first brushmakers to visit China in the early 1900s and buy bristle directly from there.  Also, he was active in the lay missionary movement.  As testimony to his notable efforts and commitment in this latter respect, the Simms Memorial Baptist Church in India continues to this day with a stronger congregation than ever.
The founders son, Lewis Wesley Simms took over running the Company upon his fathers death in 1908, and served as President for the next half century.  LW was a dynamic man with a commanding presence.  He built on the foundation laid by his father expanding the company from regional to national stature and promoting the development of automated brushmaking equipment.  He gained national prominence with the industry and Canadian business scene.  He had the notable distinction of being President of both the Canadian Manufacturing Association and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
Lewis Wesley Simms
He was inducted posthumously into the New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame and the Canadian Hardware Houseware Manufacturing Associations Industry Hall of Fame.  Click anywhere in this sentence to see the article from the CHHMA website.  L.W. Simms has been characterized as a visionary leader in business and employee relations.
Thomas Stockwell Simms II
Assuming the presidency following his fathers passing in 1957, Thomas Stockwell Simms II was at the helm during a period of major developments including the establishment of a machinery division, the acquisition of the Toronto based Boeckh Company a well established Canadian paint brush firm: and Simms association with Mosley-Stone, the leading paint applicator firm in England.  Aside from these major accomplishments, he was highly regarded by the Company employees for his friendliness and the personal interest he took in each one of them.  He retired in the early 70s and passed away in 1998.
Today, Simms continues to be owned and operated by the Simms family.  The current Chairman and great grandson of the founder, Thomas Stockwell Simms III, continues to carry on the traditions of quality and integrity on which the Company was founded.  As well, the Company has positioned itself well for the future with a seasoned stable workforce, depth of management, advanced computer systems, colourful, effective merchandising, substantial plant capacity through investments in "state of the art" equipment, and strong emphasis on innovation and new product development. Thomas S. Simms
The company's success, in no small measure, can be accredited to its reputation for reliability and business ethics and its record of quality and service.
Toll free service lines:   Telephone:   1-800-561-9100   Fax:   1-888-756-0533
Head Office:   560 Main Street, Suite 320, Saint John, NB, Canada  E2K 1J5
Date Last Modified:  November, 2016