Thomas S. Simms, CEO
  T.S. Simms & Co. has a long history as the foremost manufacturer of quality painting tools in Canada. In fact, the Simms Company has had a well-known tradition of craftsmanship and innovation since 1866. The Company’s solid reputation is due to the dedication of its people and a consistent focus on quality and service.

At Simms, we combine the most modern of automated manufacturing methods with the traditional skills of our craftspeople, often incorporating extra steps, to ensure that our paint applicator products are of the very highest quality. Only the best materials are purchased for our paint brush and roller lines. Several of our patented design plastic trays and roller frames have become the standard for the industry and we have one of the most comprehensive selections of painting tools for both the Do It Yourselfer and Painting Professional.
Toll free service lines:   Telephone:   1-800-561-9100   Fax:   1-888-756-0533
Head Office:   560 Main Street, Suite 320, Saint John, NB, Canada  E2K 1J5
Date Last Modified:  November, 2016